Launching the NESSI Open Innovation Environment

As described in the vision, NESSI’s goal is achieve impact in the Internet of Services through complementary activities in research, standards, training, education, application and community support. From 2011 onwards, the central element uniting these activities is the NESSI Open Innovation Environment, an evolution building on the existing research and strategical results of NESSI and taking into account the context evolution.

A strategy to build NESSI

In 2007, NESSI issued the 2nd volume of the Strategic Research Agenda “a Strategy to Build NESSI”. This volume identified the overall ambition of NESSI - to deliver NEXOF, a coherent and consistent open service framework leveraging research in the area of service-based systems to consolidate and trigger innovation in service-oriented economies. This positioned the coherence of research activities as one of the cornerstones of NESSI, enabling research projects to position themselves within an overall framework. To implement this coherence, NESSI issued the NESSI research structure, enabling projects to select their model of collaboration within NEXOF from strategic to compliant.

2007-2010 – NEXOF as a unifying concept

The main components of NEXOF included:

  • The NESSI Open Reference Model: an open specification, which includes the conceptual model of the core elements that enable service-based ecosystems and their relationship as well as underlying rules, principles and policies which lead to interoperable implementations. Core elements include business dynamics, development environment and operational environment.
  • The NESSI Open Reference Architecture addressing definition and selection of innovative architectural styles and patterns based on the reference model. Our overall ambition being here to pave the way towards a standardized Open Reference Architecture for services and components but also to some extent processes which corresponds to a significant advancement of today’s service-oriented architectures (even service-component ones). This will include the definition of the infrastructure requirements.
  • NESSI Open Reference Implementation taking the responsibility to deliver to the community at large with the implementation of the NEXOF concepts and approaches where the openness, built on open source and open standards, encompasses three important concepts:
    • open leading to free usage by other players
    • open guaranteeing the rights for others to derive new commercial implementations
    • open for all to participate – NEXOF has been populated through both research projects and open calls that have gathered world wide participation.

2010 – the NEXOF results

By 2010, the results of NEXOF include

  • an overall functional view of all the components required to deliver a service framework
  • the definition of ‘patterns’ as the contributing element to this view
  • an online repository of patterns in three different contexts: Enterprise SOA, Internet of Services, Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
  • an online repository of standards, with over 200 identified and documented standards
  • 18 research projects of which 11 are Strategic and 7 Compliant. Some of these completed in 2010 while others started in that same year.

The results of NEXOF also include one important conclusion: from the initial vision in 2005, the expectation was that the NESSI community could deliver a single service infrastructure is unrealistic.

2010 – introducing the NESSI Open Innovation Environment

Integrating all these dimensions, NESSI is evolving in 2011 towards the NESSI Open Innovation Environment, integrating the major roles supported by NEXOF in terms of

  • its support to implementing and sustaining coherence between research efforts and the research community in services
  • its path to sustainability for research results, ensuring that research results remain visible and accessible beyond the lifetime of the projects themselves
  • its elaboration of patterns that can be used by all stakeholders in the NEXOF contexts of SOA, IOS and IaaS and beyond

The NESSI Open Innovation environment takes on the responsibility through

  • its driving role in services research through the identification of future research directions, the identification of gaps in the services research
  • its support to the members community through increased opportunities and flexibility in their concrete involvement in research proposals and strategic directions definitions
  • its continued support to NEXOF in its research coherence role, its online repository and its pattern based approach
  • an increased the visibility of existing and upcoming results
  • formalised contributions to key application areas, mainly Future Internet, Public Services, Health, Energy and Power distribution