Membership is free and open to organisations that meet following criteria:

  • being a legally established corporation, individual firm, partnership, university or research institution (further referred to as organization);
  • having a legal presence in the European Union member states or associated countries for a purpose other than sale, distribution, or maintenance of products engineered and manufactured outside of the European Union;
  • making a statement of support for the mission and vision of NESSI through a provided Letter of Intent; and
  • belonging to one of the following four categories: ICT SME (in accordance with EC rules on SME definition), ICT Large, Academic & Research, Users
The NESSI operations are organised through the NESSI Governance, and membership requires the signature of the letter of intent.

Registration is a two-step process handled online and validated offline by the NESSI Office.
Τhe applicant must fill in all required fields both in Organisation and Personal tabs in order to be able to submit the application.

To register a new organisation, please follow the steps indicated below: Each NESSI member organisation can have one or more representatives active in the community.

To become an additional representative for an existing organisation, please follow the steps indicated below: We would appreciate if you would fill in all fields to help us to keep our information sources complete and up-to-date.