January 2011 - New NESSI Web site goes live

We are pleased to announce that the new NESSI Web site went live on 25/01/2011. We had announced it at the end of 2010, as the second step in taking the membership survey into account.
This evolution hosted and implemented by NESSI partner ATC includes many new features

  • new organisations can submit their interest online, uploading the signed letter of intent in a single process
  • members can update their own profile on  line, selecting the information channels they are interested in
  • members can search which organisations are part of NESSI and get more information about each organisation, including the contact points
  • members can access immediately in a single page the on-going activities, linking from this to get more information
  • members can submit open positions in their organisation
We have also worked extensively to ease the access to information, with

  • our publications which have all been put online, organised around the research topic (Strategic Research Agenda, vision, position papers and books) and the media centre(logos, flyers, presentations and videos)
  • our events can be filtered, including internal meetings - giving easier access to the events you are interested in

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